Mindful Whining

The worst lesson that can be taught a man is to rely upon others and to whine over his sufferings. If an American is to amount to anything he must rely upon himself, and not upon the State; he must take pride in his own work…

Theodore Roosevelt

Emotions, strategy, the truth. I am tired of depressing stories on my news feed, extremist being ‘nominated’ to office, being unable to find clear answers. It is hard to believe I was a political science major with how much I have actively divorced myself from media and current events in the past few years. I still keep awareness in my periphery, but it has become less and less something I feel I can solve and more something I feel I am subject to. I vote, I research, and we are all entitled to our opinions but that doesn’t mean we know what action to take or what the right decision is when all decisions seem bad. The GOP is playing the propaganda game, of which its nominee is an expert. Appealing to emotions and to fears is what our media and commercialized infrastructure know how to capitalize on best. That’s why they don’t seem to care about spreading the facts, or being truthful- those aren’t things emotions get energy from. The DNC is playing the traditional old school political game of experience and who you know getting you a seat into the White House. The biggest problem problem with this method of outreach is that is that we are a well educated generation. We have lots of access to see how people get their information, make their connections, and we want to believe that we have a part in our lawmaking. The rise of the Sanders movement was impactful because it reached out with facts and solutions and made young people feel needed by their communities. Otherwise it feels like society wants us to shut up, be afraid, buy things, repeat. I think that we should hold ourselves to our own values, that we stand up against what we think is wrong, that we engage in our communities, be the change we want to see and do no harm.

The duel party system and the current electoral college is a crock of shit. Journalism has died to bring you more profitable sensationalism. We put all of our money into military operations that have no direct gain on the majority of the american people. Our schools and education system is falling apart. we have the brightest designing minds in the country. Minimum wage, in no state, can get you an apartment. Universities are a money pit with no real guarantee of career of hire-ability post-graduate. Minorities and people of color are being systematically oppressed. Our law keepers aren’t trained in deescalating crisis situations. We focus on fixing problems, not making things better. We are still having arguments over whether a woman has the right to her own body, what it creates, and how she uses it. health care, credit, student loans, federal aid, profit-orientation, materialism, dogmatism, public utilities, military expenditures, opportunities. These things circle in my mind along with their various connection to each other like a lightly whirring hum. I see my friends’ pains at the state of the world as well but i decline to join, decline to find out more detail, acknowledge the pain and suffering but remain quiet. Until I figure out a solution that I can do to help this is the most I  will say on the matter.


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