Spirit Animal Tarot

27 guides

I remember very clearly having conversations with animals when I was a child. Talk to my dog about my emotions, the mean kids at school, and she would talk to me about being cooped up in the yard all day. I asked groundhogs for permission to pet them, my fish how they would like their aquarium to look, and cats for advice on how to socialize with people. Humans are a fascinating species with many diverse and interconnected relationships among each other and other species. Our first drawings, millions of years ago on cave walls, were of two things: us and animals. The application of spirit to animals and a personification of them helps us better understand ourselves. This relationship has been explored for millennia from ancient shamans to modern psychotherapy. How we express ourselves, what communicating with these spirits represents about ourselves, naturally goes hand in hand with modern tarot reading. Each card has an archetype of meaning, that we alone can interpret to generate better understanding.

I have arranged these cards in a traditional format: Twenty-two major arcana cards numbering 0-21, plus two additional cards of my own design. Then 14 cards of each suit: Cups-Water, Coins-Earth, Wands-Fire, Swords-Air. I will post one card each day in this order. The photos I have used have been personally curated and designed by myself with the aid of the Primsa© photo app.  

If you decide to use these cards here is how: If a card is pulled reverse, read it as something yet to come or unacknowledged. Some of the animals may not immediately seem to line up with their element. Meditate on the personality of each animal and what they represent. This is about the emotion they portray, not necessarily their environment. Let yourself travel back to your serpent mind, your basic instincts as a prime animal. The unique feature of humans is our association of the spirit or that which connects us together. 

Breath deeply and concentrate on your question. Shuffle the cards until you are completely focused on your intent. Slowly draw one card at a time, getting to know it personally. Place it in its position for the reading and move to the next card. When all the cards are drawn read it as a big picture how the cards and their messages interact with each other. Then you can draw on these animals as guides and proceed with interpreting your messages. Let their answers empower you to action and self-fulfillment.

Blessed be.


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