Part 1: The Higher Arcana, The Fool

The first group of cards we will be going over is the Higher Arcana. Used alone, these are messages of milestones and spiritual growth. They represent big picture thinking in how you relate to the spirits, yourself, and the elements. Within a mixed reading, it is something of particular focus that needs attention or that you have already fixated on.

0. The Fool, The Cockatoo


With his prominent crest and playful nature, the Cockatoo is a symbol of play and light-hardheartedness. Not to be mistaken for stupidity, the Fool is someone who goes out into the world unphased by what might get in their way. Have you taken the time to laugh at the absurdity of the situation? When was the last time you took a risk and expressed yourself without fear? Maybe following your dreams isn’t as silly as others would lead you to believe. Meditate on opening your wings, expanding yourself, and letting the crest of enlightenment adorn you. Let go of what others expect from you and start forging your own path.


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