01. The Magician, The Orangutan


The old man of the trees. One of our closest animal ancestors. Capable of using tools and forming strong social bonds, the Orangutan is the Magician of the rainforest. Their large brains give them complex personalities and the ability to learn skills not only from each other, but us as well. Orangutans build nests in the trees, off the dangerous forest floor. The look above and become fiercely protective of their territories and resources. They also have immense strength and cunning that many don’t see past their wrinkled faces. Focus on all the resources you have obtained and have available to you for this situation. Chances are that they are more numerous than you first believed. It is easy to think we are alone in the Jungle if we only try to see without eyes. Listen to the movement and people around you, smell how the air changes from one place to the next, drink and eat deeply to rid yourself of spiritual hunger, and hold on to the vines to keep you from falling. Meditate on the calm strength of the Orangutan, be aware of your surroundings and you will be surprised to find the power within you.


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