02. High Priestess, Cat


“Cats will never let us forget there was a time they were worshiped as gods.” Dexterity, self-reliant, affectionate, stubborn, the paradox that is the Cat. Even as our modern pets, they seem to have an air of authority about them. The demand your attention but with cut you if attention is given when not wanted. They are dignified and proud, even when clumsy and falling over themselves. A cat will never let on that it has done something outside of its intention. They also seem to know when to roll in the air and land on their feet. The High Priestess is connected to this intuition and pride to make judgments. It is a strong sense of intuition and connection to the spiritual realm that leads people to trust and follow their command.  Meditate on how your intuition is trying to serve you- what are you trying to really change, what have you learned that is holding you back? Release yourself from fear and nurture your wiser mind to act and take control of the situation.


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