03. Empress, the Heffer


From the teet of the cow brings the nectar of life, the mother’s milk that nourishes the young. People in the western world might not immediately consider the Cow a regal animal, and yet the cow has been a symbol of motherhood and fertility in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and along the Indus Valley. The mammalian trait of suckling milk is caricatured in the swollen udders of the Cow. A protective mother cow is nearly as deadly as a bear, and far more common. The Empress, in short, is a mother. A mother to not only her young, but all those in her domain that need nurturing.  The Empress is respected because of her personal power, experience, and the loyalty she commands. It is time for you to start nurturing yourself and others. Sometimes this nurturing means knowing when to wean dependencies. A good mother gives tough love, not coddling, so that other generations can learn and grown wisdom of their own to give and one day pass down. What needs nurturing in your life? Let yourself balance comforting acts with ones that put you in command.  


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