04. Emperor, the Lion


The iconic vision of a male Lion and his pride resonates more than reality might. We see that big crown of hair and can’t help but draw parallels to a crown. The Lion maintains order and authority within his pride. It is not his job to bring in the hunt, but to make sure his lionesses get their meal safely. He does not watch the young, but he sires them and make sure no outsiders trespass. The Lion is a leader, a protector, and a patriarch. It is not his job to give compassion, it is to maintain authority. He does this because he cares deeply and has a strong sense of self that he will defend to the death if need be. What is your kingdom and how do you mean to protect it? Are you being to rigid with your rules or casting responsibility onto someone else? Take pride in how you represent yourself and the things you care about. A lazy Emperor can never maintain his throne.


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