05. Hierophant, the Sheep


The survival of Sheep rely on working together as a community. Alone, one might not think of a Sheep as the most clever of animals. But together, they have the tenacity and tradition of protecting each other to flourish and thrive. The calm, pastoral landscape in which sheep are tended leaves a lot of time for quiet introspection. Many holy men across cultures began their lives herding Sheep, having much alone time with the Spirit. The Lamb and the Sheep give us innocence, relying only on what we know and how we know it to maintain our survival. We shall keep warm in the winter, shed in the spring, fatten over the summer, be sacrificed in the fall, sheep are more aware of their place in the universe than they let on. The Hierophant is a collector of stories and knowledge, but it is only partially an academic endeavor. In reality, their knowledge is as a place of learning for the community, so that shepherds can sing their songs, priests can compose their devotionals, and each generation can build on the knowledge of the past. How is your group serving you? When was the last time you felt you had learned and grown from an experience? What is it that you most want to share with others? Your mastery of knowledge depends on your interaction with your flock and being able to push forward to find new pastures.


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