06. The Lovers, Swans


If you aren’t in love, love seems like a cliche. It is only once you experience the connection to a partner that you can really understand how overpowering it is. Poems, songs, violence, have all been done in the name of love and those who experience it. The gentle pond with a pair of swans gliding across is as traditional a romantic setting as you can get in our culture. The heart-shaped outline of two swans, beak to beak. Their commitment to their partner and bringing more little cygnets into the world. Lovers should balance each other while still feeling the heightened zeal of emotion only intimacy can bring. If not a person, can we bring this balanced loved to ourselves? – our work?- our friends? What gets you out of bed and excited for the new day? What makes you love yourself or want to shout from the rooftops your joy? The emotional high may not last forever, but enjoy it for as long as you can- let it take you flying across the moon.


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