07. The Chariot, the Horse


The Chariot is driven forward, quick and decisive in its path. What pulls the chariot? Not Bulls, not Goats, not even Cats. No, the strong, reliable chariot of battle and the areas in pulled by the Horse. Apart from dogs and livestock, Horses are one of the first animals humans bred as a tool for use. On horseback, we could travel greater distances at greater speeds and see above our enemies. The Chariot vehicle itself is rather primitive in its design as well. It does not have impeccable balance or maneuvering, it is meant for speed, and going in one direction really well. In order to steer it you must have trust and a good relationship with your steed to not just listen to your commands, but to know if you are on the right path forward or not. Nothing feels quite as free as an unbridled horse running its fastest. Let yourself be sure of your path. Trust that the way forward is the best option for you. Freeing yourself from worrying about the situation means that things will start to happen more naturally. You have the power to get through this.


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