An Ideal Day: At Work -Photo Essay

This is part of a goal-setting series I created. I found pictures on Pintrest that represented what I would like to see in a perfect day- the idea is to find a way to make this lifestyle a reality in the future. This first one is “An Ideal Day: At Work.” The name is self explanatory, it is what I would like to see an average good day look like that requires me to work for a living. I would be interested to hear suggestions people have on what, exactly, this kind of work could be labeled as or where to find it.

9:15 AM I wake up a little before my alarm goes off and stretch. I can hear the fall of rain outside my window.


9: 30 AM I put on my slippers and go to the bathroom- brush teeth, hair, contacts in and meds taken. Smile at the bathroom mirror because I know it is going to be a good day. I pour some juice, heat up some sausages and toast some bread, smearing cream cheese on it.


10 AM After breakfast I do ten minutes of yoga and get dressed for the day.


10:30 AM I have my clothes laid out ahead of time from the night before. They are tailored and form fitting but colorful and still playful.


10:40 AM As I drive to work, I play some fun music and find myself singing along to it. I have grabbed the lunch I made the night before out of the refrigerator before I hit the road.


11 AM I get to work a few minutes early, settle into my desk and start on checking in on emails and the days itinerary.

Tasks of the day include:

  • Meet with clients and partnerswork-collage
  • Work on ongoing long term projects
  • Solicit assistance from staff
  • Move around the building/ travel within the city
  • Get ideas validated by superiors
  • Teach clients and subordinates about themselves and efficient systems

Areas of Interest Include:

  • Museums
  • Food and wine
  • Travel
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Philanthropy
  • International Development
  • Culture
  • Diversity of tasks and interactions
  • Company validation of my unique ability to contribute. 
  • Building ideas

6 PM After the workday ends, a couple of coworkers and I meet at a bar/ lounge. Other friends and our significant others meet us there for drinks and casual food. Lots of laughs to be had.


7:30 PM We come home and I throw left overs into the fridge. We each take care of little daily chores.


8:30 PM I disrobe and draw myself a bath. I allow myself to relax and reward myself for the hard work put into the day. I practice my gratefulness. I enjoy
the calm alone time.


9 PM I dry off and prep my clothes and meal for tomorrow.


11:30 PM My partner grabs me from behind and reminds me how wonderful I am. We mess around accordingly and fall asleep in each others arms.



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