08. Strength, the Gorilla


There is no primate that can match the sheer power of a silverback Gorilla. Their large arms and muscular backs make them the fodder of ferocious beasts like King Kong. Also like Kong, these creatures have been vastly misunderstood for many years. Once we realized their intelligence, their compassion and connection to us became overwhelmingly clear. They are not either or, and neither are we. Capable of immense feats of Strength and violence, their compassion like learning sign language, making art, and adoption of others young. Gorillas are capable of all of those things too. This card is telling you to flex your compassion and personal strength. You are more capable than you let yourself think and aren’t as limited as you feel. Just being able to practice strength makes it stronger, makes you stronger. There is no backing down once you pound your chest, so go for it.


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