Ballsy Pros & Cons


I am lucky enough to have a supportive network of friends over the years who are, to say the least, very driven.  I found this article and wonderful blogger through one such friend. People are showing their increased concern at my current apparent lack of motivation and I love making diagrams and filling out forms trying to get to know myself. In this case, the author challenges you to think big. No, BIGGER. Let your imagination run wild in both ways, positive and negative. Make a mind map, one side for progressive steps to get you towards goals, and radical leaps on the other side. Think of the pros and cons of each- 6 months out, 12 months out, 5 years out…. and make sure you are thinking effectively for your positives! Things that are helpful to you and your cause. It really gives a lot of perspective of where you can find a middle ground when anxiety is stopping you from making a decision. Click here or the picture above for the full article.

Also check out this free mind-mapping software by MindMup. It is compatible with Google Drive and is good for lots of different projects.


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