09. The Hermit, the Tiger


Imagine yourself in a dense jungle surrounded by tall grass. You move through the world nearly invisible, the apex predator that fears nothing. But you are alone. There is no one around to comfort you, lick your wounds, or take part in your meal with you. You are alone and in control and that is just fine. It is a hard concept, as a human, to be alone and happy. We are biologically social creatures that build complex social hierarchies that not even we know all of the rules for. If the Lion is the king of his tribe, then the Tiger is king of themself. Fiercely territorial and a masters of camouflage, the tiger spends most of their time patrolling their territories, hunting, and sleeping. Knowing every detail of yourself and your environment gives you strength and knowledge. Not everyone can understand your methods, but then again, they aren’t supposed to. Let yourself have time to yourself, to acknowledge your inner power, where you are comfortable and where you are challenged. Your stripes are unique to you, and that is what makes you so valuable.


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