A Day Off- Part 2 Photo Essay

Today I outline the perfect day- a weekend perhaps- where I am not concerned in survival or making a difference in the world- just a day where I believe I would be my happiest.

10:30 Am Wake up, the sun is shining softly into the bedroom. It’s mid morning and there is no rush to get out of bed. The bed is soft, the room smells cool and fresh.


11 AM Colorful linens and cuddling for 20 minutes before get out of bed to bathroom.


11:15 AM Stretch for 10 minutes and have a quick breakfast. – a muffin with some jam, maybe fresh ripe fruit


11:45 AM My outfit is laid out of the day, soft, flowing, form fitting. As I dress, I can hear music outside my window. Some birds are chattering in the trees. 


12:30 PM I go out for a walk. I’m in a city, but everyone greets me as I pass.


1 PM  There is an art show. I meet up with friends for lunch outside, enjoying the outdoors, the different characters and their wares. We  dance together and with strangers


4 PM I pick up some Italian food from my favorite restaurant and bring it home to share.


5:30 PM my lover is waiting and we make love. then we heat up/ prepare the food together. we take a shower.


9:30 PM there are fresh flowers on the table. We read books together and talk. Spoon and nibble at each other until we fall asleep.



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