Time for Myself- Part 3 Photo Essay

A theme I noticed with this goal setting practice is that I always see myself with a lover. It seems to complete my day. In the interest of being self-sufficient and supporting a happy single self (such as I am now) – this final part of the trilogy imagines a day I can be happy and self-sufficient in.

9:30 (ish) AM I am in a house in the forest. The morning is quiet except for the buzz of the wildlife going about their daily business. The birds aren’t too loud, and it is a cool morning without being windy. I know it is morning but not really concerned how early or late it is.


10 AM I pour myself a cup of hot chai and milk and allow myself to take in the sensations of my home and forest environment.


10:30 AM I stretch out and wrap myself in blankets and meditate on the day ahead, visualizing it into attainable goals.


10:45 AM  Calm and energized, I go to my closet to find something to wear. I want it to be fun, boho, flattering, and comfortable enough to wear all day.


11 AM I make myself a croissant sandwich for breakfast and head out for a walk.


11:15 AM I am walking down a forest path, enjoying my sandwich and the smell of the fresh, clean air. I know the day ahead of me and act with confidence. 


11:30 AM I head into my favorite coffee shop. I nibble on fresh fruit and hydrate. I open my laptop or journal and write. The words flow easily through my fingers and I am excited about the story and revelations that are coming through.


1 PM After satiating my creative burst, I need to recharge my energy. I go to the local market for a real meal and talk and chat in detail with the specialist about what is seasonal, new, and good together. Together we figure out a hearty lunch for me as well as procuring snacks for the later evening.


3 PM The day has warmed up and I have decided to go to the swimming hole before heading home. I enjoy floating in the clear clean water, and it is just chilly enough to make me keep moving and enjoying the weightlessness.


5:30 PM I return home a bit before sundown, towel draped over my shoulders. I fluff out my hair and give my pets food and attention.


7 PM I prepare and clothe myself in a long simple dress and cloak. I hum happily to myself as I prepare my bag and mind for the full moon ritual I am headed to.


8:45 PM The full moon rises and is bright enough that I don’t need extra light to find the path. I meet up with several other pagan friends, enthusiastically greeting each other in the center of the woods around a growing bonfire.


10:45 PM  We dance and drink together, celebrating our individual power as part of a group. The energy is ecstatic and I let myself forget about anything but the moment. It begins to calm down and we eat and laugh together before parting ways.


11:15 PM A friend walks me home. They will need a ride in the morning and sleep on my couch. I collapse onto my bed, still giddy from the night’s excitement. I force myself out of my clothes and into bed, but do it playfully and still singing softly.


12: 45 AM I jump into bed and burrow into the covers. I am exhausted, satisfied, empowered, and have a plan for tomorrow as well. I fall asleep easily being comforted by the sound of breathing from my self, my pets, and my visiting friend.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


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