Place Outside Apropriation 

​I want to discuss this think piece:

I do not disagree with many of the points the author has, but I think that it fails to see the radical acceptance of diversity many people are engaged in as well. I like to believe that we have the ability to be more informed and have greater access to disenting opinions and cultures than ever before. 

I would like to discuss my place of privilege. I am a middle class white woman who is at least third generation European ancestry. I was born in the former colonial state of Hawaii. I have never been arrested, have graduated university, and suffer from mental and invisible illnesses. 

Almost all of these traits make me uncomfortable voicing and acting as an ally. Because I recognize that as much as I read and talk to folks affected by BLM, DAPL, and religious discrimination- I will never truly know their experience. I feel encouraged to take a step back and observe rather than participate and assume someone elses fight. 

This mentality of acceptance without inclusion is EXTREMELY dangerous in the face of white radicalization. Because it is not the place of whites to assume the struggles of peoples of color, and white radicalization especially thrives on conformation bias. 

I have seen people criticise the 2017 Woman’s March as being unenclusive- free of arrests solely because of the privilege affored white people. I won’t deny this, but the point I don’t see represented is that those of us who felt the need to be allies did not feel we were appropriating a cause. We banded under the identification of human. 

I will personally do my best to encourage this diversity- celebration of the individual and cultural uniqueness without exclusion. But, having a place of privilage, I need permission of my minority friends and allies on what is appropriate- thank you


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