14. Temperance, the Penguin

Imagine living in the harshest and most extreme of all environments, and feeling perfectly comfortable. The Penguin is a unique bird that takes to water more than air, and demonstrates a deep connection to their colony. It is unique to find a creature who has adapted to such a punishing environment as the arctic. And yet, these creatures thrive. Penguins do this in many ways, but the key is balancing themselves to their environment. Penguins make sure that social roles are dictated, that their blubber can protect them from the elements, and that everyone gets a turn at the center of the huddle. The Penguin makes these choices as a survival mechanism, rather than for personal gain. Seeing what it fair not just for yourself, but all parties involved in your decision needs to be considered to thrive and survive. Maybe there is a way you won’t have to chose between extremes, but instead can find balance and compromise without sacrifice.


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