16. The Tower, the Gopher


Nothing can quite upset our idea of a beautiful manicured suburbia quite like a Gopher hole in the middle of a lawn. Sometimes we don’t even know there is a Gopher mound until we stomp our foot into one and get it stuck. Upheaval of what we humans consider our foundations is Gopher’s specialty. It may not be done out of malice, but do we ever have a strong emotional reaction to them. Just as a mound can interrupt our lawns, though, don’t we as well destroy the gophers home with our feet and pets? Destruction of a place or idea always has an additional cost, something we might not have been able to foresee. Be careful of where you tread, because there might be unseen danger lurking by. Make sure the foundations that you are building in your life have room for adjustments like earthquakes.


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