19. The Sun, the Dolphin

Imagine a sunny day, a wide expanse of  glittering ocean rolling calmly , and a light salty breeze that chills your cheeks as you move effortlessly between the waves and the air. The world is opening itself to be your playground and you should let yourself rejoice and play in it. Dolphins are sometimes mistaken to be clowns, but their play is a very intentional celebration of their power and freedom. They are strong hunters who know how to sustain themselves and their communities. They develop intelligence to discover how things work, mixing work and play effortlessly. Allow yourself to take notice of what you have learned and gained for your experiences and allow yourself to celebrate it. Let yourself embrace ego and progress without attachment. Yes, there could be stormy days ahead, but this is not the time to worry about what could happen. This is a time to be happy for what you have and who you are.


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