22. Parrot, Expressing truth

The following two cards are not part of the traditional Major Arcana and are of my own designs. Their meaning and why I chose to include them are found within the description.

The Parrot is one of the most observant members of the animal kingdom. They are able to pick up speech patterns, imitate sound, and develop intense bonds with others. Parrot has come into your life today because you need to find your true voice and express your personal truth. Flaunt your colors in a way that is unique to you- that grows you unabashedly. Keep in mind which words you choose to express yourself- are they your own or have you simply heard them before? This distinction can bring you great joy and vitality, but can be very difficult to find. You have to stand out in order to live truly, and that is not an easy path. Others may try to cage you or steal your colors as their own, but remaining devoted to your truth is the best way to survive and thrive and will help you to continue to find yourself.

I  chose to add this card to the Major Arcana because I often felt unsure of how to execute some of the advice divined. This card is designed to call you out and to action. It is easy enough to think you are in the right or know something is true, but it is another thing altogether to act on it. I need this card to help me find my voice in times where I fear what others will think of me. Sometimes we just believe that our wings are clipped, and need a little bit of a spiritual push to realize what we are capable of. Don’t lose hope or your sense of voice in this chaotic, colorful world.


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