23. Platypus, Shapeshifting

This card is not part of the traditional Major Arcana and is of my own design.

Nose of a duck, tail like a beaver, lays eggs, webbed feet to swim through water. The Platypus confounded biologist for decades before being accepted as non-mythological. Its unique abilities and attributes makes the Platypus a master of survival and adaptation. The time has come for you also to adapt and use your skills to the best ability. Take on the movements and thought patterns that you need to survive and embrace them fully into your every day and special activities. The time has come to hold your breath and dive into the things that are truly important to you. Dismiss those who might label you a freak and embrace the things that make you stand out- they will only strengthen your survival.

The Shapeshifter card is one that is essential to understanding the significance of the Animal Totem Deck. We live in a time where we need to embrace our differences and understand rather than fear that which we don’t.  Dance, prayer, mediation, and respect are called upon to better ourselves and the world around us. Use this card to inspire you to act out your meditations rather than just contemplating them.


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