Part 2: Cups, the Ace, the Deer

In my meditations of this deck, I found myself more interested in the meaning of the individual cards rather than putting too much emphasis on the suits themselves. That being said, Cups is usually a suit that is associated with the element of water, relationships, youth and romantic thinking. You will see a surprising few water animals in my interpretation, but a whole lot of the later themes. Please allow yourself to meditate on the animal and its unique message rather than getting too hung up on the elemental aspects of the traditional deck. Thank you, Goddess Bless, and Enjoy.

Deer may be called the “Prince of the Forest,” but the Deer more accurately is an integral connection between wildlife and human society. Deer may seem flighty or anxious to the unaware, but the truth is that the Deer’s awareness and ability to adapt has kept it from being easily domesticated by humans. The awareness a Deer maintains is not only for its own benefit, but for the benefit for the herd. Deer are constantly aware of the change of seasons, potential threats, and make sure to take care of its kind. Open yourself up to new vulnerabilities to let your creativity blossom and unfold new ways. Problem solve and be present among your social group and make commitments to the emotional well-being of the tribe. Stay aware of the opportunities around you and trust your instincts to move forward. You can persevere, you can connect, you just need to see the opportunities around you to do so.


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