03. Cups, the Elephant

It is hard to picture an Elephant as vulnerable. Their size would be the first thing that comes to mind, but the true strength of the Elephant lies in its social connections. An elephant without its herd is challenged and lashes out more frequently. Highly social and incredibility gentle creatures when they need to be, the bonds that an Elephant establishes also establishes the happiness of the individual Elephant.  Now is a time to nurture your relationships with your friendships and within your community to see how you can strengthen them and be strengthened in return. Celebrate and raise up the achievements of others and it can be amazing how recognition for your own accomplishments start rolling in as well. Remember not to let excitement go to your head, maintain your footing and stay grounded with your connections. This is especially important to maintain stability and make sure that opportunities for growth are equal. An Elephant makes its path through the jungle leaving as little of a trace as possible, so remember to tread lightly but firmly, leaving no one behind.


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