04. Cups, The Crane

Have you ever wondered how a creature so large as a Crane is able to catch fish or fly so silently? The Crane makes sure to make every movement deliberate, slowly processing its own movements as well as the movements of the environment around them. To move through the water and the reeds, there needs to be flow and concentration so that you aren’t as vulnerable to predators or as noticeable to prey. Being centered in nature and the food chain makes the crane a fantastic guide to meditating through the chaos that our everyday life can seem like. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in all the things that have to be done that we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy the moments of peacefulness in-between. The Crane reminds us to look for balance and to be patient when pursuing our dreams. Make sure you aren’t setting yourself up to be in a position you didn’t expect and don’t get too frustrated waiting out the right timing. Your command and calm in the situation helps bring your desired outcome, don’t try to rush it out of fear or figurative hunger.


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