06. Cups, The Panda

A mostly vegetarian, fuzzy, black and white bear seems to be the perfect mascot for children and zoos alike to appropriate as a lovable mascot. The lovable Panda has its challenges, but what we seem to remember about them are how cuddly and laid back they seem. We over-look the fact that these are animals designed to be carnivores, and tend to stand out with their patterned coat. The ferocity and general laziness of the Panda is overlooked because we as humans, want them around. Their survival is an effort to maintain because they seem to be more interested in chewing on bamboo than insuring the survival of their species. We have a tendency to pick and choose what is more enjoyable and convenient for us than what might be the best choice to make. Having too clear a picture of the past or our own shortcomings is notably uncomfortable. Keep this in mind, but also remember why you choose to remember the good times. The things we enjoy and remember help us connect with others and give us the ability to see where we have come from. Don’t outright dismiss the fact the something makes you happy, or has bonded you with others. Instead try to realize that there is a reason it means so much to you and that should be celebrated and used as a stepping stone into growth. If you don’t do it for yourself someone else will probably try to make you into the person they want you to be.


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