07. Cups, the Salmon

It might seem foolish to others to see the Salmon swimming upstream. It seems like so much effort and risk for so little payoff. But the Salmon knows its purpose and pursues its dream that neither bears nor waterfalls can prevent. There is a fine line between a wish and a goal. Wishful thinking ignores the obstacles in your way. You might have an idea of where you want to be in life but try not to think about what the mundane might be like once you get there. Devotion to a cause through completion instead of through knowledge can be a dangerous risk. If it means enough to you, you have a better chance, but not a guarantee, of completion. The Salmon bridges the waters of the rivers and the sea across its lifetime, driven by the compulsion to survive. When it is time to mate, they take a final trip back upstream to their spawning grounds, and not even the largest obstetrical can stop their push to succeed. You have it within you to pursue the things that are most important to you, but be mindful if you are imagining it to be an easy path along the way. If it means enough to you, you will overcome and find a way.


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