08. Cups, the Koala

The calm picture of a sleeping Koala in the eucalyptus tree is more than it appears. Eucalyptus is not the main food source for the Koala, and in fact is more of a relaxing agent. The Aborigines of Australia drew parallels of this calm to the meditative trances healer shamans would also journey into to find deeper meaning and truth. Withdrawing into our mind and inner sanctum can be a place of peace and contemplation, but it can also be abused. Too much sleep, too much time spent looking inward, can be deceptive. Although it might feel revolutionary, without action this meditation is not much more than procrastination and escapism. Focusing inward on our dreams and values allows up to block out much needed interaction and growth, becoming an addiction in its own right. If you find yourself daydreaming more than living true to your values, than maybe you need to reassess what you might be avoiding. It might be time to confront your hesitation in taking the steps to actualize your dreams. Make them more than just thoughts and make them start working for you.


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