09. Cups, the Pig

Pigs have the unfair reputation of being dirty creatures. We tend to associate dirt with illness, apathy, and lack of ambition. But these traits simply don’t equate in taking pleasure in earthly comforts, and Pigs certainly don’t seem shamed by our judgments. Pigs are ambitious and intelligent, but they know how to balance that by being satisfied with simplicity and comforts provided them. We humans have blankets we can wrap around ourselves, or sand to squish between our toes. These simple comforts are really beautiful when thoughtfully considered, mostly because you don’t have to over-think them to enjoy them. If you find yourself tired, lacking energy, and stressed, start thinking about the last time you took pleasure in something as simple as a shower or the taste of your food. If you feel distracted or like these things would be a waste of your time, it only reaffirms that much more that you need to be taking care of your basic needs and real tangible comforts. They aren’t something to take for granted.


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