10. Cups, the Flamingo

There are many ways to dance, but maybe the most ancient and powerful dance is the one we do together with our community. Humans not in the least the only animals who dance. Far from it, we actually seem to take most of our steps from them. We are mimics who seem to adapt and perfect adaptation. Dancing is, none the less, a celebration of both togetherness and individuality at the same time. The choreographed scuttle of a flock of Flamingos perfectly demonstrates this duality. During their mating period, flocks of Flamingos group together and perform elaborately timed dances, seeming in unison with each other. They have made it through another year and now it is time to attract a mate. Show not only how much you stand out, but also but how well you work together with your species. Celebrate that your brothers and sisters are together with you to gorge on krill and groom their feathers. Now is not a time for jealousy and competition, but to be fully participating in your community and the wellness of the whole- yourself and others. Allow the pack to be your protection but don’t feel that you can’t let yourself stand out either. Go with the flow and celebrate what you have while you are together.


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