Believe in Your Faries

Towards the middle of February, I attended a Pagan-Spiritual convention located a few hours south of me. This four day weekend extravaganza entails workshops, rituals, discussions, and celebration of every earth-focused faith that attends. This was my third time attending and each time I am better prepared and more amazed at the revelations of self that come from it. This also helps me explain the hiatus I have been taking from my writing and Animals Spirit Tarot deck.


This year I purchased a small motel room with two female friends- a short drive to the actual conventions center hotel. In the past I have gone alone and slept in my car, and I have also stayed in the hotel itself with one of my first boyfriends (I didn’t attend many workshops that year.) Each time it is a unique experience. Not only because the workshops and vendors change up, but because the people come from all over the world with a year’s worth of experiences to share and release. This year was particularly focused around self acceptance as well as making meaningful political changes in our communities.

Do as thou wilt, and harm none.

There are traditional spiritual groups that attend, and the majority of workshops and rituals are centered around these practices. Everyone is welcome and celebrated however, and there is too much to do and feel to have the same experience as anyone else. It is lovely, empowering, and eye-opening to have so many different people working and acting together harmoniously. As harmonious as a 3k person convention can be at any rate.

My next series of articles intends to interpret the notes I took during my workshops and experiences and devise the connections, revelations, and moments of empowerment I felt personally. I will also go into detail about my past experiences and how I came to embrace the Pagan identification. Because Pantheacon allowed me to realize that I wasn’t alone in wanting fairies to be real, or the the ancient Egyptian pantheon was badass. I began to accept who I was and what I could be as an individual and as a member of a community. Each workshop and celebration provided me with knowledge and experience I don’t think I could get from any other form. It was personal, unique, and concisely tailored. More than any of that, the learning done at Pantheacon is fun and gives me a sense of community- even if it is only for a day or two every few years.

Hail and Welcome! Blessed Be!


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