Grounding in the Urban Jungle- Pantheacon Part 1

The first workshop I attended at the convention was entitled “Grounding in the Urban Jungle.” For anyone familiar with grounding techniques, you may already see the appeal. As much as mediation and intention is considered vital for mindful living, our work and living environments aren’t always conducive to quiet contemplation without interruption. Learning how to focus energy in any scenario is therefore a difficult but necessary practice. Practice is the key word here. Spiritual grounding or bliss or connection must be practiced to be effective. The more you are able to devote time to what you want, the closer the outcome results will be to your intention.

Rather than getting caught up in the struggles of modern life and grounding, our teacher discussed in detail about her spiritual journey as a scientist. I was amazed to find how many attendees of the convention had careers as scientists. You would think the esoteric and the staunch need for proof would cancel each other out. On the contrary, I found that throughout different aspects of the convention, science and mysticism worked very well together. People need to make money in the real world, which is a situation I have been quite struggling with myself. Scientists are able to physically look and record how the largest and smallest facets of the universe work together, documenting it for the retesting and the world to see. The logical progression of discovering what feels right in our own psychology is very much an art form. Seeing the connection to the lowliest amoeba to the most grandiose nebula is a humbling experience in itself.

This was an ongoing theme I saw throughout the experience of the convention. Dualities and reassurance that just because you know something might be “make-believe” doesn’t mean that it is not true to your experience. If it makes you feel better, makes you effective and allows you to take responsibility for your actions, it is not harmful to believe.

The speaker than lead us through a guided meditation for grounding. I won’t reiterate it verbatim here, but it was a unique take on the traditional visual meditation. Most commonly, grounding exercises have you visualize yourself as though you were a tree- deep roots climbing down into the earth below us. But we are not trees, we are human, and we tend to live separated from the earth by floors, concrete, shoes, and transport etc. But if we think small, on the microscopic and molecular level, we are indistinguishable from a forest fire. We are made of star-dust, and similarly we are made of the nutrients of the deep deep core of the Earth itself. She guided the class through this level, embracing the elements and dirt and  growth that we are capable of without conscious effort. Instead of leaving us at this deep, attached level, we then imagined our way up through the atmosphere and galaxies to be humbled by not our insignificance, but rather our divine attachment to the creation of the universe. Back down again through this telescope, breath, and center yourself to the here and now.

The workshop was a wonderfully enlightening way to begin the convention. Whenever I began to feel overwhelmed with the energy and choices around me, I practiced this visualization. It reminded me that at an atomic level, I could slip through the hotel floor and let myself be part of the warm, calm blanket of earth and soil of creation. It reminds me that I don’t have to be stationary to feel grounded and in control of my reality. I can move and change the world to be as I want to see it because that is how energy and atoms work together- to build and create things through connection. The art of science becomes a welcome perspective for those of us who not only want to understand the world around us, but also understand there are higher powers that we don’t or can’t fully understand.


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