Page of Cups, the Spider

Spiders are not to be feared. They are powerful creators, skilled, small, unassuming hunters. A web is a mastery of architecture – and each Spider has a unique way of creating a web for its own particular needs. Spiders are the dream weavers and story tellers of tales across the globe. The spiral is a powerful tool in shamanism, but in order to start any process, there needs to be a leap of faith. Faith that the foundations will hold, that you will obtain the needed resources, and that you have the power to remake anything that becomes undone. Your power and what you create is only as strong as your vision. Knowing in your mind’s eye that you are capable of completing what you set out to do. It can be considered a romantic notion by some, they will call you an idealist or try to tear down what you have already created. But you know better and you are just beginning the newest journey. You have a lot to hope for and a lot of inspiration to pull from your past mistakes. Don’t let anyone or anything get you down, you have the unique creativity to start anew.


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