Knight of Cups, the Seahorse

What charming, odd creatures Seahorses are. Unlike almost any other creature in land or sea, these fish’s Latin name Hippocampus, describes a sea monster half horse and half sea serpent. They curl their tails around corals or stalks of algae, nibbling on passing plankton. They calmly dance together, hidden in the seaweed that sways to and fro. When mating, they hold each other tight and twist themselves around. The males charm the females, as is custom in the animal kingdom, but males Seahorses go out of their way to make their devotion known to the female- by carrying her eggs and birthing them himself. He is unique in this way, and in the human world, it is a unique experience to find someone to take on sacrifice for you. This love, the devotion of one’s self to another’s well-being, is in itself an ecstatic experience. It is why humans have so many love songs- to celebrate this bond or mourn the betrayal of it. Now it the time to notice what others are sacrificing for you and what burdens you might be willing to carry for them. Do this not for selfish reasons, but because it is what you want to share with a special somebody. Allow yourself to watch the world go by together, because your unique relationship is a thing of power to be celebrated.



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