Queen of Cups, the Wallaby

Have you ever felt so rotten that you just curled up in as many blankets as you can pile on the bed , hiding its warm darkness? Classical psychology states that this is the physical and psychological response to being in distress- the return to the mother’s womb. Marsupials are unique in their expanding pouch the females carry outside of their bodies. Here, their young sleep and grow and are protected, literally sleeping by the mother’s side. The Wallaby is smaller than its cousin, the Kangaroo- less aggressive but will still fight for its young. Wallaby mothers know exactly how fragile their joeys are, teaching them when to hide, run, or fight for their safety when needed. The mothering instinct is not unique to any animal, but no animal keeps its offspring quite so literally close to its breast. Are you in need of nurturing? What do you do that calms your emotions, wipes away the tears, and that tells you are going to be alright? You can’t neglect caring for well-being and emotional distress even though it feels as though we gain too many responsibilities to hide under the covers all the time. It is work mothering ourselves, almost more so than to mother others, but to rejuvenate effectively it must be a priority. Remember that it isn’t always about what you want to do, but what is best for you personally.


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