King of Cups, the Whale

Sing, raise your breath and realize that you are both small and part of everything this universe has to offer. The Whale feels small too, exploring the oceans and singing within its pod. Being small in a universal sense does not mean by any stretch you are insignificant, nor is being large a symbol of your strength. You are you, and that has to be respected if you are looking for a calmer, fulfilling life.  The Whale balances themselves between the deep weight of the ocean and jumping into the air, breaching for air and hunting its microscopic pray. It is a simple life of sustaining the need to survive and celebrating the freedom that the world has to offer you. Whales are the guardians of our emotional world, swimming past to make sure that we are okay, maintaining enough space for their own protection. Listen for the music of the world around you and allow it to lift your spirits, those are your kind recognizing you are not alone. Breath when things feel too heavy and dive into your passions. Maintaining awareness and balance are key to your success and ability to provide for others.


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