Part 3: Coins and the Ace, Ants

Coins, related to earth and material concerns. The work that we do in the real world needs a focus on the, here, the now, and the attainable. The nature of spirit animals is to already, naturally be in this mindset. Part of the attraction to spirit guides in the first place is their pragmatic and focused nature.  But concerns with wealth and survival does not mean that the mind and spirit is valued any less. On the contrary, in order to maintain wealth, you have to recognize that the human definition of wealth is very limited. Home, food on the table, a community to share ideas with, being in nature and the love of our pets are all very spiritual and also very earthly. Keep in mind, with these cards, a grounding practice so that you are not too quick to attach judgement on the wealth you are being guided towards.

Ants are everywhere. There are more ants on this planet by weight than humans. Ants are some of the most resourceful, organized creatures evolution can produce. Ants are the original trail blazers. Their small size is not a disadvantage but a tactical advancement. They find new opportunities, allocate resources, and continually make ends meet. It might feel like you have to sacrifice your sense of self and ideals in our capitalist world. The truth is there are more opportunities than we could ever hope to experience, and every one of them has something you could personally learn and benefit from. It is not enough to work hard, you have to make sure that what you are working on is of worth to yourself and the community. Don’t hesitate in your ventures forward, it might not be the treasure you expect that you run into, but that one that you need for the future.


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