02. Coins, the Crocodile

Half a life in the water, half of a life on land. Skin thick and armored for whatever battles you may endure in the past or the future. Slow, but saving energy for a quick and brutal attack. I ferocious hunter, and a caring mother. The Crocodile live its life in balance between extremes. It has adapted over hundreds of thousands of years and yet has barely changed from its prehistoric form. Finding the point of continuum is a challenge in your own personal evolution. Our lives seem to change drastically while we remain the same, trying to make everything work together as though we have control over the process. What we can do to create better symmetry in our lives is to work on the things that we can control. Put your finances and passions into balance with one another so that you can live a full life. Make time for friends during a hard deadline and open yourself to the new possibilities. It doesn’t have to be black or white, our lives simply need to be able to support both. Allow yourself to be at peace with might be contradictory, your acceptance and adaptation can only make you more resilient.


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