03. Coins, Sardines

There is a hypnotic artistry to the movement of a school of Sardines. They almost seem to move as one unit rather than hundreds. A large part of their continued survival, in fact, is that although they are a main food source for many other creatures, their teamwork is only compromised when they are separated from each other. Predators have to pick off Sardines one at a time, separate them from the school, and confuse the mass. There is a method, scientists theorize, that schools like Sardines and flocks of birds stay together. Instead of focusing on the big picture, it is advantageous to pay close attention to others most nearby. If they do the same, keeping their eyes forward, movement and survival becomes a community effort. Rather than trying to pay attention to every detail of a situation, it can be much more useful to see how the community around you is reacting. Sometimes it is better to join the stampede than wait around to see if a shark really exist. Remember that you will always be an individual, but when safety and the sake of the community is at stake, the group can be more than the sum of its parts.


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