o4. Coins, the Octopus

Octopuses are both ingenious hunters and vulnerable prey. They are very aware of their position, adapting camouflage and ink-sacs to outpace and out smart any threats around them. The Octopus has unique strengths and protective mechanisms to best serve their needs. Their eight arms allow for flexibility, maneuverability, gripping strength and firm suction. An Octopus does its best to serve its needs. Their curiosity and sometimes possessiveness leads them into more harm than good. Take care to examine if you are holding on too tightly to the things you value. Are you putting yourself in harms way to avoid pain that no longer affects you? Are you hoarding wealth because you are afraid of a time when you had none? Holding on without acknowledging your environment is a stagnating behavior. If you don’t allow yourself to take risk, to explore, to learn and grown, then you are acting much more like prey than a hunter. You have the skills to succeed, but don’t rest your laurels on them too dependently.


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