06. Coins, the Fowl-Hen

The bounty of spring can be well represented by the chirping of baby chicken, clucked and guarded by the mother Hen. Take a moment to thank the Chicken for all they do for us. They feed us with their eggs and flesh, wake us with their caw, have stuffed our pillows and kept our farms free of pests. And although they are another byproduct of human evolution, the Chicken has been generous in its ability to be domesticated as well. Never assume a mother Hen is all fluff, for her babies she will scratch and peck relentlessly. She keeps a close eye on her flock so that no such harm can come to her little ones. When there are not chicks around to cuddle and protect, the Chicken takes great pride in her roost and feathers, showing them off to the other local hens. Chickens know they have a lot to offer and are proud of this fact. Taking pride in your responsibilities and donating you extras is a great way to take care of yourself and the community. Even the smallest donations are a contribution of the larger whole, and you definitely have a place in it. So fluff your feathers and let it be known that you are providing a service that is uniquely yours. Bring the attention of others to the causes you work on and care about. Knowing your purpose reflects wells and also helps you be more productive in your own work. Keep at it!


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