07. Coins, the Squirrel

Things don’t always move as quickly as we would like. The seasons seem to change at a crawl and then all of the sudden. We practice the craft that we hold dearest, but see little change in our performance until it is pointed out. Trees grow on a timeline completely separate from our own. The reason we must persist is because we cannot always see the growth that is in front of us. The Squirrel has hidden away many nuts to forage for the bleak winter, and they may not find all of them. Perhaps other animals stumbled across their efforts and took advantage. Perhaps that acorn will remain forgotten and become a magnificent oak in its own time. But because the Squirrel knows this, and prepares ahead, they always will find food for themselves. There is no one and done when it comes to practicing survival or the art we are truly passionate about. We must plan ahead, deny ourselves the immediate gratification, because the work is never truly done. This dedication allows us to celebrate the bounties we do receive, the real boons of hard work and persistence. Others might view the Squirrel as frantic, its movements without meaning, but the Squirrel has a plan, and knows that when the winter ends there will be a bounty. Celebrate that bounty with your own process, be grateful for the work and the results are all the more satisfying.


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