08. Coins, the Tortoise

If we learn anything from animals through shared and folk culture, it is that slow and steady wins the race. The Tortoise takes life slowly, observing and appreciating the significance of everything it approaches. They live long lives, centuries in many cases, eating their greens and moving, slowly, along. Unlike their amphibious cousins, they can survive in the desert heat and through droughts of nourishment. They can continue to reproduce well into their second century of life. But it is not just their ability to endure and survive that captivates us about the Tortoise. No, what we should be in reverence too is how much experience, how much the Tortoise has observed and remained nonjudgmental about through all of its years. There is no frantic chase after sustenance or a mate, it will come when it will. There is the adaptation to protect itself, not to run away. Things are as they are, and by disassociating from whether things are good or bad, the Tortoise simply learns and keeps on going. This is how it lives for as long as it does. Things happen whether we want them to or not, but if we want to cross the finish line, focus and tenacity are the keys to being okay with any outcome.


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