09. Coins, the Raccoon

Raccoons are an integral part of human cities for a simple reason: They are survivalist. A Raccoon can be placed in almost an scenario and find food, shelters, and a way that they can specialize. They know when the trashcans are full, when your dog’s food bowl is unguarded, and how to get into every nook and cranny available. They have evolved as quickly as humans have to our city environments, and some would argue better. In the wild, you can see just as sophisticate, if different, behavior of Raccoons adapting to that environment. The side we humans rarely see of these creatures is their ritual. Their practice that makes them so clever and able to make the most out of any situation. Raccoons train their young, have territories and patterns to know what they consider their home. Survival is not just about opportunity, it is about making the most of what you have. One of the more interesting rural behaviors of the Raccoon is that they wash their food. It a ritual to cleanse nutrients of dirt, to make it more satisfying by paying attention not only to the procurement, but the ingestion of food itself. If you are truly hungry, it does not matter how you get the food but that you are thankful to have it and can make it last. This is true in our spiritual and adaptive lives as well. When we need comfort, need health, well-being, or inspiration, we also need to acknowledge what we have to have gotten us this far and how we can best make use of it. Ritual helps this process, but it must be adapted for you and your surroundings. Make your environment and what you have work for you.


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