10. Coins, the Moose

Try to erase your cultural concept of wealth. Try to envision what it is you truly value, why you need it, and what it means to you personally. That is your wealth. It isn’t about the size of your home, or how flashy your wardrobe might be, but that you are safe, that you express yourself, and can provide a place for your loved ones. Moose are a uniquely American animal, enormous in stature and territory. Their antlers alone can grow to the size of cars, used to fight for mates and defend their territory. Yet they walk nearly silently. The size and the pride of the Moose are solely to defend what it values. Predators might see the Moose solely on what they can get out of it, how much meat might be on the bones to feed their families. The Moose acknowledges its wealth and potential vulnerability, and this knowledge makes it a force to be reckoned with and thought twice about attacking. The Moose, therefore, easily can represent the nature of the American Dream- to make what you can with what you have and defend it tooth and nail. So put aside thoughts of money and decide what is really important to you, whether it’s defending your territory, showing off your power, a healthy and educated family or something else all-together. This is your wealth and this is what has been passed down to you and what you will pass down to others. Cherish and protect it, by recognizing your roots you will have all the more power to be able to defend it.


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