Page of Coins, the Shark

It is hard to imagine a shark sleeping. Just to breath, they have move and move forward all the time. New studies on great white’s suggest they propel themselves towards deep water, allowing their natural momentum to carry them down while they rest, eyes never shut. Knowing what your goal is and having momentum is a powerful thing. It is a place of natural movement and awareness of your surroundings. You might be fierce, even ruthless towards a goal you care enough about, but you also are keenly aware of your vulnerabilities as well. We admire and fear sharks because of their killing power. They represent the mysteries and dangers of the world that make humans feel like prey. Sharks do not, as Hollywood would have you believe, hold a vendetta against humans. In general, they seem not to much like the taste of us and almost all attacks are cases of curious nibbles.  That personifies the Shark, always curiously hungry, and always looking for an opportunity to feed and sustain their constant movement. Call on the Shark when you need motivation, forward momentum, and a bit of ferocity finding the opportunities that serve you.


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