Knight of Coins, the Mule

Hard work and diligence. The Mule is a product of man, for man. They have the momentum and temperament of the horse and the work ethic of the donkey. They are bred for a purpose, though they cannot breed themselves. Mules are created for the work that they do, and the loyalty they are able to maintain. To work the land is no small feat. The work is constant and shapes the world as humans know it. Being able to travel long distances, work long hours, lift and pull your way through this world requires intense stamina. The Mule is who you call on to keep going to meet a deadline, the passion that gets us to the next checkpoint on our road. In order to maintain this stamina, you must be able to use your energy intelligently so that you aren’t so exhausted when you have to go a little bit further. You must be able to acknowledge a job well done in order to feel like the work is ever done, even just for a minute. The gruesome saying goes that there’s no use in whipping  a dead horse applies not just externally, on how we treat projects, but how we treat and lack nurturing to ourselves as well. So acknowledge the carrot on the stick, and acknowledge a day of hard work well done, this helps you with your power and ability in more ways that you can count.


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