Queen of Coins, Mother Grizzly

Protectiveness is not exclusive to one gender or one type of relationship.  However, there is no image quite as clear as a Mother Grizzly protecting her cubs. The ferocity, the power, and the sheer desire to protect her offspring make the Grizzly more aggressive and more willing to put herself in harm;s way than any other time. This is a reaction that happens to all creatures when their young are threatened. The idea of self fades, and the survival of others, of your creations, becomes not only the most important thing, but the only thing that matters. It is not the job of the Grizzly to protect her cubs from every harm though. The pads of their feet must be toughened over terrain and miles, hunting and scavenging must be taught. Rough-housing and play fighting are good ways for cubs to practice skills of survival, they will not always be small and vulnerable. Knowing when to let your cubs learn a lesson and when to stand up for them when they cannot is one of the most important lessons Grizzly can teach us. Knowing when to let go and knowing when to protect yourself is the mirror of that action internally. Know that you have the power, that you won’t always have someone to protect you, but have the power to do so. Embrace the power of how much you care as to make yourself less vulnerable.


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