King of Coins, the Eagle

Watching high in the treetops, soaring to the outline of the sun, the Eagle looks over and observes us. Eagles are powerful hunters, with sharp talons and eyesight that can nail prey in an instant. They fly silently through the sky unless they want to be heard, watching and hunting and waiting for an opportune moment to strike. There would be no thrill of the hunt if there was not also patience and practice that went into making the Eagle’s power so formidable. They are detail oriented and action focused creatures, sharing their skills and meals with their partners. There is a commitment Eagles embody to share their meals and responsibility with others. Bald Eagles, for example, are one of the few birds that mate for life. While nesting, the Eagles take turns hunting and protecting the nest, not just providing for the family but making sure everyone is taken care of. Sharing of duties allows for constant protection and the ability to spread your wings once in awhile, and to more prudently maintaining power and survival for the next generation and beyond. In our lives, there are many times where we need an Eagle to look out for us, or for us to know the Eagle and take responsibility for the world below us. This kind of authority is needed, and not questioned. The Eagle is of the practical world, asking hows and whys gets you little, you must act and act effectively. Only then you can maintain your power and know objective authority.


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