03. Wands, the Beaver

The spirit of the Beaver isn’t just about building a future. It isn’t just about the trees or the branches that make up the foundation of the home. What the Beaver is really about is the effort, love, and hope that goes into in each new venture. Not everything in this world is meant to last. Love and passion may not be enough to sustain a project by themselves. Timing, fate, and the unforeseen all play a role in the natural entropy and rebirth of life. More often than not, things fall apart because we get too comfortable and neglect the constant maintenance and improvement needed. Don’t be discouraged by the natural flood of the times. Now is not the time to shy away from hard work if you truly believe in building your own future. Find the materials around you, apply your skills in new and unique ways. When we put our minds and efforts towards things we truly care about, we find a way to get by no matter the obstacles. Now is the time to embrace your strengths and make the environment work for you.


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